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Plastic Welder Garage Tools Hot Staplers Machine Staple PVC Plastic

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Color: Black
Size: 36 * 12.5 * 21.5cm
  • SKU: CJJT1443960-Black-36 * 12.5 * 21.5cm
  • Type: car parts
  • Availability: In Stock

Plastic Welder Garage Tools Hot Staplers Machine Staple PVC Plastic


  • This product is containing but not limited to repair and reinforcement of all automotive plastic parts. Such as bumper, dashboard, lamp holder, plastic ring, radiator, car and motorcycle plastic device.
  • dissolve plastic (free of plant-nail), dissolve packing, repair hole and eliminate cracks.
  • Plant-nail. match various repair nails, and repair horizontal, vertical, long and short cracks.
  • Hot smoothing. Heat and smoonth the plastic, and dissolve it, the intensity and appearance is increased.
  • Thermal cutting.


  • pure copper welding head, power cord reinforcement, Switch operation

  • Ergonomic designed to fit into the palm of your hand. Staples weld into the plastic quick and easily

  • Repairs at least 98% of the plastics on the market. Perfect for repairing:cracked bumpers,head lights,wings and much more.

  • Quick and easy operation. No training required.Learn to use in seconds.

  • Wavy staple design for maximum load. Quick and easy operation. Will not rust


  • The product name : Plastic welding g/un for car bumper

  • Input voltage : 110V

  • Product power : 50W

  • The output voltage : 0-3V

  • The output current : 0.5A


  • Connect HOT STAPLER to 110V power supply.

  • The local welding temperature for the stepless adjustment, can be suitable for any thickness of the plastic material welding.

  • Select the appropriate type of welding nail, insert the ideal electrode mouth.

  • Weld the inner surface of the damaged part of the weld.

  • Press the start button, energize the melted plastic to weld correctly.

  • When melting the nails to the right position, release the button and wait a few seconds to cool the plastic.

  • Repeat this work step until the nails are evenly distributed and then cut the protruding parts with an oblique pliers.


  • Note that improper use will cause burns or fire hazards.

  • Use appropriate personal protective tools at work: heat-resistant gloves and eye protection tools to prevent spikes when cutting.

  • Insert the nail before making sure that the two electrodes are in a cooled state.

  • Do not the nails and electrodes during soldering.

Package Included:

  • 1 X welding machine

  • 1 X cutter

  • 1 X pliers

  • 50 X wave nail

  • 50 X M nail

  • 50 X Z nail

  • 50 X V nail

  • 1 x Instruction